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Strong for the Week


Fear not! This post has not been fuelled by the flippant hype of a ‘New Years Resolution’

Given that we’re as far away from Jan 1st as we possibly can be, i’ve given myself a green light to speak the dreaded words of ‘get-fit’.

For those of us currently residing here we are already aware that Dubai, although small, is teeming with shiny new things and it doesn’t take long for us sand shuffler’s to get wind of them. With that having been said, it goes without saying that it was only a matter of time before I was convinced to give Guvapass a try.

Guava Pass – What’s the hype?

Guava Pass is a monthly subscription that gives access to varied studio’s classes and gyms around Dubai. This includes an app that allows you to filter by preferred timing and area, tailoring a list of available workouts for you to join on any given day of the week. Founded in Singapore, Guava is now present in Australia, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai where you will find an average of 100-120 classes on offer each day (on weekends schedules dip a little in frequency).

Belonging to the group of us who prefer a couch over some cardio, shelling out cash for anything other than Netflix was no easy task in itself. However, I decided to grab the proverbial bull by it’s horns and committed myself full throttle in my first week (check out my schedule below).

Sure, a lot of those classes ended with –lates (not the coffee kind although they were often needed) despite having originally set out to vary my work-outs but sometimes we should stick to what we know works. For me that was Pilates based routines. However, Barre was a work out I kept as a regular feature each week partly due to the fact that it was the most static high-energy activity I found. The kind that’s guaranteed to leave you in pain afterwards, you know the kind; the type of pain after a workout that becomes a bit of a secret ego trophy – proving that you’ve actually achieved something.

The Cons.

I have to say they are few but include

  • A three classes restriction to any one studio monthly, which can get in the way of a weekly routine when there are more than three weeks in a month.
  • Late cancelation/no show charges. They range from 30-40 AED varying between studios but can be a bit of a sting when you know you have already paid for the month and hey, things unexpectedly do come-up.

The Pro’s

  • It’s really good value for money, if you maintain 5 classes a week for a month they would average on costing 22.50AED per class. I challenge anyone to beat that!
  • The Dubai Guava Team are also a huge pro in and of themselves. They’re responsive, understanding and above all human & not robots.
  • The range of activities are extremely vast and growing in it’s diversity each month, just take a look at what’s available.
  • No pressure-As you get to hop from gym to gym you don’t get that trainer guilt where you’re faced with the eyes of disapproval and at worst disgust.
  • As an added bonus you get to meet a lot of people and make friends along the way.


Sound good? Sign up to Guava Pass here with no obligation and check out their schedule. Remember to let me know if you decide to take the plunge and I can give you an access code for a referral discount!

Guavapass Week 1

Day 1:


Where-Studio 57


Day 2:

Class-Pilates Reformer Beginner

Where-Club Stretch


Day 3:


Where-Pilates Academy

When-9am Tues

Day 4:


Where-Studio 136.1


Class-Pilates Chair Beginner

Where-Club Stretch


Day 5:

Class-Pilates Mat Beginner

Where- Club Stretch

When- 8:30amm/Thurs

As a separate entity to Guavapass I can not account for changes to their terms and conditions.

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