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Iftar at the Dubai Opera House

The hunger delirium of a fasting person in the scorching heat of Dubai has a lot to answer for, at least it does in my house. So I can’t quite figure out if it is also the reason I struggle to distinguish one Iftar /Suhour/Majlis experience from another over the past four Ramadan’s here in the UAE.

…That was until Friday night when I dined in decadence at The Dubai Opera House Iftar.


It seems to have missed a lot of the ‘top 10’ lists floating around at this time of the year but this is not for lack of a quality experience. It’s so under the radar that it almost felt like a secret supper! Thankfully only adding to its charm.

The décor is delightfully understated and the whole experience is curated like a well-produced show. The midnight blue hues as people are seated to assigned tables really speaks to the idea of Iftar and eating with the moon. The ambiance then creeps to a warm glow with simple tea-light like lighting strung on the walls and above the central stage. Along with the traditional Bedouin themed tents, the whole aesthetic transforms the venue into a night time Arabesque Oasis.


Desert Station featuring a medley of Arabic Sweets

The Iftar is catered by award winning restaurant Sean Connolly and featured much of the Emirati classics you’d expect; Mutton Biryani, Mandi, a grill section and Arabic salad station. There is enough variety to suit all pallets with fish and chicken options to accompany. The desert station wasn’t over-whelming which, after abstaining from food for so long, was a nice addition to the meal. In fitting with the theme were the traditional beverage servers making rounds with either Qahwah (Arabic coffee) or Tamar Hindi (Tamarind drink).



Guests are treated to live music using traditional Middle Eastern instruments such as the Tabla and Qanun accompanied by the classic violin.

Together they play homage to some of the greats of the region such as Um Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez and Fairouz.

It’s soothing and simple and fits perfectly with the event theme.


The experience was calming, delicious and magical and I highly recommend visiting this Iftar if any this Ramadan before it’s too late.


From 16 May to 14 June
Time: Sunset to 9:30pm
Cost: AED 250pp
Children under 6 dine free, 50% of the price for 6-11yr old’s.
Dress Code: In respect of local culture and tradition, a conservative smart casual dress code apply.

For tickets visit the Dubai Opera Website

The Dubai Opera House Iftar, catered by award winning restaurant Sean Connolly, transforms into a night Arabesque Oasis with live music using traditional Middle Eastern instruments such as the Tabla and Qanun.

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