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A Workspace From Home – Nady Al Quoz

For some, their couch is a magic portal where great ideas are born, groundbreaking conclusions discovered and complex problems to brain splitting equations solved. However, if like me your sofa serves more as a hug at the end of a long tough day, or as a kind of hospital stretcher for wounded sleep, then I’m guessing you too suffer the absence of being able to compartmentalise your small city living space.


It doesn’t take much more than a wave of your Google wand to find a handful of ‘coworking’ spaces around the city. These are areas where you can grab your laptop, some good headphones and set-up-shop for the day (usually at a price). They come in all shapes and sizes but none quite as tranquil or *free* as the recently discovered ‘Nady Al Qouz’ In Al Serkal Avenue.

Nady Al Qouz – For a pop of inspiration

A self proclaimed “Oasis to evoke the ideas, concepts and feelings that are most important to you” is a hard statement to argue with. Set in a converted warehouse in the arty Al Serkal Avenue, you’re greeted by a big open space with a couple of segmented areas; beanbags and floor seating, a white stone zen inspired platform with hammock swing chairs and bed (yes, I said bed!) and an area tucked away in the back with long tables and benches. What makes it even better is that it’s serviced by Al Serkal’s resident coffee shop Wild & Moon with cold pressed drinks, tea, coffee and healthy snacks to keep those juices flowing throughout your stay.


Don’t miss out! As many Oases are seasonal so is Nady Al Qouz! It is only open till the end of October from 10am-7pm after which we’ll be left with stuffier café’s with stay at home mums and screaming kids for a free place to work from.

NB: Refreshment counter changes vendors.