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Unveiled and Unadulterated in DXB


When you can connect the burn marks on your arms to form personalised cigarette constellations and create your own signature cocktails by wringing out your clothes, you know it’s been a good night! For everyone else.

I like to party and I do it sober. It’s never really a problem until the free drink tokens are maxed-out or the clock strikes midnight, because in Dubai, drinking can be a bit of a sport. So, when I heard about a Ladies Night that is not only ‘sans alcohol’, but also completely powered by women (bar staff/security/DJ) and solely for women, I had to check it out!


I don’t think there’s a female out there that hasn’t fantasised what a matriarchal society might look like and Tuesday 1st October at Cuban Lito, Unveiled DXB pretty much embodied the collective dream: accepting, inclusive, empowering and quite simply, fun.

Unveiled DXB totally took the concept of ‘Ladies Night’ to the next level. Sure, it was in a bar, with a dance floor and DJ, served mocktails (no alcohol remember) and nibbles and at first glance, you might question what makes it so unique.

So let’s start with entrance:

As soon as you enter you’re faced with a cloak room with racks full of Abaya’s, to your left there’s a small marketplace alley showcasing local designers which is neatly signed off with a make-up artist, Glitter station and Selfie-Booth that prints your pictures to go, ideal when personal photography is limited to protect the privacy of attendees.



Getting the Party Started:

Usually at a ‘Ladies Night’ in Dubai the first couple of hours are spent at the bar rather than on the dance floor, perhaps people need their ‘Dutch Courage’ before they let loose, or maybe they just want to take advantage of the freebies. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Unveiled was how electric the energy was: whoops of encouragement for each other and cheers of approval to the DJ almost silenced the music. Now I love to dance, but usually feel the need to hold back on the account of onlookers standing at the outskirts. This was not the case at Unveiled. It was a showcase of the finest ‘bedroom dancing’ I’ve ever seen; there were salsa steps, ‘Dutty Wine‘, podium moves and just all out revelry. On this dance floor you didn’t need your crew (I went alone), as long as you were there, you were the crew.


The Regulars:

This was the third event for Unveiled DXB and it’s already gathering a cult following. Speaking to other women at the night, it became clear that this was a space they needed: as mothers, Muslims, and women. It starts early and finishes (relatively) early at midnight, so the school run won’t be too painful the next day which was the driving influence for Sabrina Salhi, the founder of Unveiled:

“I actually came up with the concept a few years ago after becoming a new mother for the first time, wanting to enjoy a feminine evening and realising that the options weren’t compatible with my lifestyle.”

Although the only requirement for participation at Unveiled is your gender, it definitely feels like it currently speaks more loudly to a ‘Muslimah’ crowd. However, I feel this night adds real value to the Dubai Nightlife scene, irrespective of culture. As Sabrina identifies,

“It is inclusive of all women, from all backgrounds, particularly those with an appreciation of privacy and who appreciate a non-alcoholic environment. At Unveiled, everyone is dressed in a way that represents their individuality, and all are there for the same reason: to enjoy a fun-filled feminine evening and expand their social network.”

The next one is DECEMBER 4th @ STEIGENBERGER HOTEL, BUSINESS BAY! Get your tickets here!


Have you been to Unveiled DXB? We’d love to hear about your experience so make sure you tell us in the comments.

Tickets to Unveiled cost 180aed and include entrance, two free mocktails, all you can eat nibbles, access to the extra’s (make-up, Glitter station etc.) and a take-home goody-bag!

Follow @unveileddxb on IG for the next event.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Sabrina Salhi, founder of Unvelied DXB coming to NotJustBlonde.com soon.


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