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Ramadan 2019 – Dubai Iftars Worth Talking About!

Ramadan in Dubai_Best Iftar

Let the Hunger Games Begin!

‘Humility, moderation & restraint’ aren’t words likely associated with Ramadan in the region – a month where most of Dubai’s best eateries compete in spreads that would put Henry VIII’s feasts to shame.

But, I thought it was worth mentioning the true spirit of the holy month, as us fasting folks struggle to ‘keep it real’ – a time where Muslims are called to increase their charity, appreciation and worship whilst refraining from over-indulgence, backbiting and other nasties (because we’re all human). With that disclaimer out of the way and my generosity in place, let me bring you in on a few of my tried & tested faves of the Ramadan 2019 Iftars that are actually worth the extra dress size:




By Cinema Akil & Project Chaiwala


Mixing art with food never tasted so good – a great space to kick back, meet with friends or make a few new ones in a relaxed majlis style iftar with plenty of intermissions. Cinema Akil, the region’s first arthouse cinema has joined forces with Project Chaiwala to deliver a homegrown chai-dinner-movie experience (not necessarily in that order). It’s quirky, interactive and most importantly delicious!

The food may have been the tastiest I’ve had yet, giving bursts of flavor with every bite that even the salads got a second scoop. Open Mic initiative BlankSpace will treat all diners to weekly performances before the 9pm film screening that showcases some of the most highly awaited releases from the Arabic-speaking world that tell stories of love, freedom, hope and determination.


Cuisine:South Asian (family-style)

Price:AED200 per person

My Best Bits:Value for money and the Chaiwala’s Karak pouring skills

Timing: Sunset – 9:00pm (film screening at 9pm)

Bookings: Book online here


2.Ramadan Nights

By Dish

Dish Catering_Iftar_Ramadan Nights_Al Quoz_Dubai

This is for the foodies and I don’t mean by way of hunger. Dish’s Iftar definitely reflects their passion in all things culinary. Being a catering company whose sole focus is the menu, they’re really speaking to the stomach with this pop-up iftar in Al Quoz.

Set up to home-in on the aspect of community in Ramadan, the venue is intimate and varied with a mix of Eastern charm and alternative spirit. Think majlis seating options, Moroccan inspired décor, long tables and lots of candlelight. If you brave the world of dinner parties than Dish will make it so much easier for you with their Iftar at-home catering service.


Cuisine:Asian (reinterpreted)

Price:AED200 per person

My Best Bits:The option of taking-to-go anything you can’t finish.

Timing: Sunset – 9:30pm

Bookings: call +971 56 128 3247 / email: info@dish.ae


3.Open Doors. Open Minds 

By The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

SMCCU_Iftar_Dubai_Ramadan_Sheikh Mohammed

I’ve lived in Dubai for 5 years, but until yesterday, I’d never eaten Machdous, had no idea what the Keffiyeh was for, nor the significance of love and longing from the long tassel’s on a Kandoora. If that all sounds a bit ‘foreign’ to you, then you’re in desperate need of visiting the SMCCU Iftar experience.

Aside from the much needed culture lesson and full belly, you will get to experience Arabic hospitality first hand. Held in the courtyard of their wind-tower house in the heart of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, the evening begins with the “Athan” (the call to prayer) followed by the breaking of the fast with your Emirati hosts. Guests will also get to meet a camel and its calf, visit the mosque at prayer time, try on some local attire and ask any question you want, at any point in the evening. The host has a cracking sense of humor and the Emirati volunteers are all very approachable and full of personal stories of culture, tradition and modernity.



Price:AED185 per person / Under 6’s free (7-12 yrs at 50%) / Group Discounts Available for 11+ guests.

My Best Bits:The sincerity of the night and the loqmat covered in kholas dibs

Timing: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Bookings: Book online here

4.Dubai Opera House

Dubai_Opera House_Iftar_Ramadan

This is the Iftar you take Dubai first-timers to! It’s curated to operatic splendour; where every detail from lighting – music – food and ambiance exudes a 1001 Nights feel, all to a quintessentially UAE 5* rating. It was so awe inspiring that it got my spotlight last year and not much has changed (if it’s not broken don’t fix it), so check out my full review here!


Cuisine: Classic Arabic

Price: AED260 per person / Under 6’s free (6-11 yrs at 50%) / Group Discounts Available for 11+ guests.

My Best Bits: Dreamy ambiance & traditional live music.

Timing: Sunset – 9:30pm

Bookings: Dubai Opera’s box office on 044408888



 Masti_Iftar_Dubai_Ramadan_La Mer

For the perfect date night a-la-Ramadan, head down to La Mer for an Iftar sharing menu for two. It’s Indian cuisine but not as you know it and has had a little bit of magic thrown in too (check out my Instastory!). It’s a quiet, intimate sit down dinner by candle light that bursts with both colour and flavour.

If you want to shake the night up for the rest and digest portion then take your gold encrusted mocktail and head upstairs to feast your eyes on the stunning stained glass art installation and tropical décor for a post dinner aperitif. If you hurry, you may even get to sit on the terrace in the breeze.


Cuisine: Asian (reinterpreted)

Price: AED150 per person

My Best Bits: The Edemame Chaat was like nothing I’ve ever had before!

Timing: Sunset – 9:00pm

Bookings: Call 800 MASTI or 043444384


The moon has risen and hidden to bring us to the end of the first 10days of Ramadan 2019!

It’s possibly my favourite time of the year in the UAE, so I’ve carefully hand-picked just five of the (dare I say it) hundreds of Iftar offerings the region has to offer to share my love with you. All of the above Iftars reflect Dubai’s diversity, culture for creativity, fabulous food and 5* service. Whether this is your first, third or thirtieth Ramadan in Dubai, it’s a great time to make memories and congregate with the families you’ve formed in this place you now call home.

Are we missing out? Let us know your top Iftar this year and which of the above has you most intrigued.


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