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Dubai Draining your Dirham?

save_money_dirham_dubaiThe ‘hand-me-down’ culture was a staple of life growing up in the UK. We regularly received sofa-sets from my grandma (whose hobby was buying them quicker than she could sit on them) and my wardrobe looked more like a section of JD-Sports than Barbie’s Dream Closet (given that I was the younger sister to an older brother).

‘Déjà vu’ featured more as a family philosophy than it did a phenomenon.


Unfortunately, for most of us living here in the UAE, we’re orphaned with no family to inherit from; be it a slightly worn wingback chair, or a cousin’s unwanted birthday gifts, we miss out on it all. But Dubai (being the Modern Millie that she is) has come up with a couple of solutions for those of us happily marooned out here for the unforeseeable future.


After having a baby and realising that on top of the hospital bills, nappies and clothes that they grow out of every couple of months (if you’re lucky), there is also a barrage of gadgets and gizmo’s you become desperate for in the hope it will make the world’s most important job just that little bit easier. But AED1000 for a co-sleeper they’re in for just 6 months, and AED1500 for a baby swing that promises to get your baby to sleep in a matter of seconds was starting to feel a bit of a con. Yet, try as I might, I just HAD to have them!


The first place I headed was Dubizzle. If you don’t already know it and you love a bargain like me, then you’re probably about to loose hours of your life trawling through everything imaginable. Putting it bluntly, you’re gonna loose your shit!


“My whole living room; Tv cabinet, sofa, coffee table, mirror, side tables and corridor table… all bought on dubbizzle for AED6000 2 years old and all originally from Marina Home and The One”. Anonymous Bargain Hunter #1


Feeling the crave to save, I headed to Facebook, typed in the sacred words (pre-loved/second-hand/Dubai) and boom! I fell into heaven, also known as ‘Pre-loved Baby Stuff Dubai’. There, I nabbed that sacred swing for less than a third of the original price. Othe FB groups include ‘Second Hand Dubai (UAE)’ boasting 387,573 members and ‘Pre-Loved Dubai’.


Now that I found myself on the inner circles of thrift, I came to know about The Baby Bazaar. A second-hand market held in Times Square on the last Saturday of every month.


“I needed a double buggy that would have cost AED7500 (with added extras like buggy board and travel case) Hubby refused to buy new and we ended up getting one with all the trimmings from baby bazaar for AED1500!” Anonymous Bargain Hunter #2.


These are the big hitters here in Dubai. There are also websites such as The Luxury Closet, or mobile apps like Shedd, for your designer deals. As well as the formerly known as ‘My Ex Wardrobe’ now known as Retold which is a store featuring pre-loved clothes in good condition on a consignment type contract. If you don’t mind a bit of healthy competition and have the DL on Dubai deals, be sure to share the love and let us know in the comments section below. Happy hunting!

From Fendi to furniture, you can grab it all as a tasty little bargain and even make some moolah by selling stuff yourself.

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